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Origin:  Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK

Genres:  Ska, Mod, Reggae


Years Active:  2013- Present



Our Story

Welcome to our musical BLONDIE and SKA adventure.  Our aim is to keep faithfully, creating the sounds we love in pubs and clubs across the UK. 


Nothing is as exciting as the thumping sound of Ska; as warming as the mellow rhythm of Reggae; or as thrilling as the energy of MOD.  Add the voice of Blondie and our vision is complete.

Music is a way of life, it's the banter and comradery,  the sound checks, the performances and the meeting up with new friends and enjoying the exhilarating after-show-glow. 

We aim to bring to you the passion of Ranking Roger, Selector, Madness, Bad Manners, The Jam, UB40, Blondie and so much more.

"My music will go on forever", Bob Marley. 


Short Bio


Dave began performing live in 1982, with early highlights including televised performances at Kingston University in front of an audiences of up to 600 people.


Performing headlines at some of the UK’s biggest venues with various bands whilst playing original music written and co-written by Dave.


Nearly forty years later Dave is enjoying recreating cover versions of songs and performing them in a duo format with vocalist Loraine Carter. 


Lorraine and Dave record their own backing tracks in their own studio ensuring that Lorraine's fine vocals and Dave's classic bass lines /guitar riffs dominate during their live performance.


Lorraine and Dave have more than 300 appearances as a Duo Act during the last five years.


Lorraine Carter - Volcals

Dave Lewis - Guitars, Bass and Creation of Backing Tracks

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